The final countdown (1:54 E.R.T.)

The first thing I want to talk about today are two articles which relate to a post I made a few days ago.  In it I talk about the concerns over AI taking jobs.  Well I just read today that uber is having one self-driving car begin taxi rides in Pittsburgh today.  There is an engineer in the car and if you’re one of the lucky riders, your ride is free. Having used some taxis and priced some ubers in Pittsburgh a year ago, if you are one of the lucky people hopefully its on the ride to the airport.  But with a bus in Amsterdam over the summer and now this, the future comes ever closer.  And then I read an article last night from a former co-worker who is thinking about this future and proposing what he and his co-author call design learning.

The next article is a list of 14 academic writing tools.  I will admit, I have not tried any of them, but several of them sound useful for foreign language, English, ESL, and any class which requires a bibliography or works cited page.  I’m going to share the Bibme with my own students.

The next article is from July, but I think it is still relevant.  It discusses how the media makes us afraid, even though the statistics and data don’t back up these fears.  I’m sure we’ve all seen or heard these things through the election cycle, but it could begin a very good conversation in a politics, media, English, or even stats class.  I think helping our students understand data and how that relates to issues such as crime can make a greater informed public.

The final item I want to share is the JISC benchmarking tool.  It is a tiered instrument which can help faculty think about where they are at, digitally speaking, and how they can change their classes over time to help students become greater digital citizens.  And to go along with it another blogger has been using this tool, trying to work it into one University setting.  He has several posts on his work (this is post 1), which I think can help illustrate the instrument, and how it could be adapted at other institutions.


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