This is how the world ends…

not with a bang…  T.S.Eliot wrote those lines over 90 years ago.  Since then they’ve been repeated to many ends, and across various mediums.  I must admit the first time I heard them was in the song Longtime by EMF and I was on a school exchange program in West Germany.  For some reason the lines and the poem, The Hollow Men, have resonated with me over the years, and somehow I tie them to the future and technology.  So I’m going with that as the title of my first post.

On the whole this blog will be a way for me to share some of the interesting things I come across on a daily basis through my readings.  I’m sure I’m modeling it on one of the people I’ve been reading for many years, Stephen Downes.  I’ve been doing this for the last year on our workplace Yammer, but I’ve come to the conclusion that isn’t the best way to share.  So while my main audience is still the faculty and staff at Parkland College, I’m hoping this is a better medium to be able to browse or go back and find articles of interest.

So welcome.  And if you do want to know how the world ends, perhaps one of my favorite television characters, exemplified by Tom Baker, but portrayed well by David Tennant, can answer that.



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